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What are we building?

Playment is building the cognitive infrastructure to make Artificial Intelligence 'intelligent'. Having raised $2.3M to date from YCombinator, SAIF Partners & Google Launchpad - We are working with 50+ International customers including Toyota, Drive AI, Starsky Robotics, DiDi Chuxing, among others.

We've all heard the old adage, "AI is going to take over our jobs!". That's not true. Machines are inherently dumb. For them to ever replace humans in menial tasks, they need to learn how to see, think, act and make decisions like we do - in other words, "teach them common sense".At the core of our solution is that if we show enough possible scenarios, machines will learn to behave like humans. It would take them 1 million images of cats and dogs in order to learn to differentiate them. This is what Playment does. We help annotate and categorize various forms of sensor data. And we leverage the power of our crowdsourced community of over 300,000 players to enable this.

To read and understand more about why machines require so much training data - Training data for computer vision

Why us?

We're not just another company with a great product. Our vision is to build a company that will democratize how AI is built. Here are the top 7 reasons you should consider joining Playment:
  1. Shaping the Future - AI is going to impact the world in more than ways we can imagine. Working at Playment, you'll be at the forefront of this revolution. Imagine the early days when Flipkart was shaping eCommerce or InMobi was shaping the AdTech industry globally.
  2. 50+ Enterprise Customers + Real Revenues - Right from the start, we have focused on building strong business fundamentals. This has translated into working with some of the biggest names in the AV industry and a host of key players in the Computer Vision domain.
  3. Autonomous Vehicles - Autonomous vehicle technology changing the transportation industry. Over $100Bn have been invested by leading investors and automakers. We are the only Indian startup working in this domain.
  4. International Exposure - We interact with CXOs of revolutionary AI companies - Daily. And it's not limited to founders or the Business team. Our developers attend sales calls, and project managers help maintain customer relationships. If required, you get to travel internationally too!
  5. Creating employment - We impact the lives of 100,000s of common Indians by providing income opportunities. Few of our players have gone on to earn more than Rs 100,000 to date.
  6. Young, smart & driven team - The only thing that helps us sleep at night is if we know that we've solved more problems than surfaced on any particular day. We're young, extremely motivated and always ready for a game of Counter Strike.
  7. Great Pay & Perks - We work out of a nice, cozy office out of the Tech-Hub of India. Keep you full with food on the house (Breakfast, lunch, and snacks). Provide health and accidental insurance for yourself and your family. Have outings and town-halls every month. AND offer great pay.

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