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About Playment

Playment solves the problem of data operations at scale. Machines are great at rule based tasks and humans are great at judgement based tasks. We combine both to provide the most optimized solution.

We provide super fast, cost effective and scalable solutions with specialization in image and text labelling. We help e-commerce companies to create catalogs, classifieds to moderate incoming content, AI companies to build training models, traditional companies to digitize documents/images and so on. We are backed by marquee investors - YCombinator, SAIF Partners, Google Launchpad and top Silicon Valley-based angels and funds. To know more: Website || Explainer Video

In less than 15 months, we are already working with top customers like Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, & Olacabs. We have started expanding globally across South-east Asia, Europe and the US. We acquired 150,000+ users at ZERO marketing cost and they spend an average of 45+ mins on the app. We are as good as a 5000+ seater BPO and can process 106 tags every single day.

Our Mission

By building world class enterprise software that combines the best of human & machine intelligence, we're on our way to displace the incumbents of the gigantic $150B BPO industry. We are moving towards a world where companies wouldn’t need to hire an operations team. Playment is their operations team. 

The Opportunity

We believe magical things happen when good people work efficiently. We believe in hiring a high-performance team who believe in our mission and want to contribute to shaping Playment's future. To read more about employee experiences : 

Software developer diary by Deepak  
Startup experience by Anisha (Project Manager)

High impact work - We’re a lean team of problem solvers. You’ll have the kind of impact you can only dream of having in a large company. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to deploy code to production or deliver a client project in your first week. 

You’ll learn a lot. And fast.
  • We’ve achieved a lot in the year and a half since our inception and this has been possible only because we value speed of execution over almost everything else, except quality.
  • Being a lean team, everyone has to take on multiple responsibilities and end up learning more than anyone signed up for, which is a good thing, isn’t it?
​​Perks & benefits
  • Industry level compensation - If you clear our rigorous interview process, you’re worth it.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee & healthy fruits on the house.
  • Productivity Tools / Electronics - 100% Reimbursement for any piece of hardware, SaaS tools which can make you more productive
  • Health + Accident Insurance.
  • Playment will pay the entrance fee for all participants in any marathons where at least two Playment members participate together.
  • Reimbursement of cell phone bill based on how much you use it for work. Just tell us what percent of the bill you’d like covered.
  • A beautiful workplace with a canteen, Foosball table and more

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