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"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination."

What are we building?

We provide high quality human curated training data for computer vision applications. Essentially we provide human-powered training for machines to be able to see, think and make decisions like humans.

Playment community of 250,000+ "work from home" annotators (players) work on our mobile/web-based state of art tools. Our 30+ enterprise clientele  include OEMs, suppliers and startups in autonomous driving, satellite imagery, visual search, OCR to largest e-commerce players in India and SE Asia. We have annotated 50M+ tags on our platform till date with current capacity being 1M/day. Backed by YCombinator, SAIF Partners, Google Launchpad, Sparkland capital amongst others, we have raised $2.2M till date. We are currently hiring across product, engineering, business, and operations.

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Why is it important?

AI is the next frontier in technology and will have a huge impact across industries. Advancements in computing power and sheer availability of data are the two primary reasons for such rapid developments in AI yet it’s still far from being enterprise/application ready. For e.g., when you drive, you make multiple decisions amongst so many uncertainties (weather/lighting/types of vehicles/one way etc). You need real human workforce to generate vast amounts of training data at an exponential scale. We are building that infrastructure that'll democratize building AI.

5 reasons why you should consider joining us?

  1. Full of energy: We are a bunch of young, passionate and highly motivated folks working on some of the coolest future-technologies. Imagine working on e-commerce a decade back; mobile apps five years ago.
  2. Mix of B2B and B2C across geographies: We are one of the few companies where you would be thinking about needs of the CTO of Tesla (B2B) and a common man in Tier 2 Indian town (B2C) at the same time
  3. Focus on technology - We have always been lean and believe in using technology instead of throwing people at problems.
  4. Great traction - Our customers simply love us. We have signed up annual contracts with some of the leading names.
  5. Great pay and perks - We have a nice cozy office, provide for breakfast, lunch & fruits, provide health and accident insurance for self and family, monthly outings and town-hall amongst others.

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